Sunday, February 19, 2012

Design DNA and Chapter 4

I'm missing my crafting adventures but want to finish this story that haunts my dreams.  It has dragged on for what seems like a life time.  I'm never satisfied with the outcome...not for long anyway.  It forces me to F5 about every few months...a refresh is always good from time to time.  I walk away bored out of my mind and return with a new perspective.  

Many months ago I began contributing to Design DNA - the idea was/is 2 sisters who love to craft/DIY/party plan.  It became a way of documenting many of my/our craft projects with a huge emphasis on Halloween, posting a minimum of twice per week.  My attention span fizzled out way ahead of my creativity.  It really became a part time job keeping up as diligently as I had.  


I'm not really a writer.  I can't spell to save my life.  I have to re read and write a sentence 10 times before it possibly makes sense. It's unfinished business for me and ten years in the making.  I'm always drawn back in...

Chapter 4

      His name was Draden.  Everything about him was intimidating, though intensely intriguing.  Women were drawn to his mesmerizing dark eyes and hypnotizing voice.  It was a deep, unforgettable tone that was permanently carved into the souls of the innocent and willing parties that crossed his path.  Draden was a shape shifter able to mimic others.  He was capable of pealing the layers of one’s soul; tapping into their weaknesses and strengths and mastered the art of manipulation.
      The callow newlywed was frightened of her hellish consort.  He had preposterous demands and inconceivable habits which Drea was unwilling to subject her or her unborn children to.  Draden paraded around the island as though he were an idolized King.  He was a man addicted to lust and immoral behavior and prayed on the virginal and the innocent who were unaware of his callus intentions.  The deceitful man was not an ordinary being and Drea was now aware.  He was an immortal creature that not only desired the virginal and innocent but also depended on their purity to exist.  What Drea was unaware of was that she was one of Draden’s many innocent victims.  He had bigger plans for his new bride.
      Draden was desperate to carry on his legacy and finding the right vessel to carry his seed had become quite the challenge.  He needed not only the purist sole, but an equal match in power.  He yearned to produce a being so strong and magical that anyone who crossed him would be rendered powerless.  Drea completely contrasted his entire being and as a consequence, Draden knew their offspring would possess the tools needed to become the ultimate warriors.
      It had become too easy for Draden to find his way into the graces of Drea’s parents, conveniently running into them each Sunday after service.  He was a very convincing mirage of faith and stability and was quickly brought to their home to meet their young daughter.  She became positively smitten with the young man.  His eyes, they were so familiar.
      Draden knew of Drea’s unique abilities long before she was aware of his intentions.  It was easy for him to casually ease his way into the child’s world.  She longed for attention, to be accepted and loved.  He had studied her for years, familiarizing himself with everything Drea.  It was imperative she trust him before he made his move.  What better way to win the child’s trust and learn her inner most desires but to present himself as a free spirited forest animal.  He became her protector, her savior and best friend.  Oscar.
      They courted for several months as her parents pushed her further and further into the arms of the charming predator.  She was blinded by the only human love she had known.  It wasn’t long however, before the blindness faded.  Those eyes she thought to be so familiar and loving had revealed their true intentions.  He was on a power-lust mission.
      Draden’s plan was to remove Drea, take the children and raise them to use their powers for evil and wickedness.  He wanted his children to become leaders and share his throne of darkness; together they would be untouchable.  To his dismay, Draden would soon realize the glitches in his ever so thought out plan.

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